Custom Golf Carts Lancaster, PA - Pit, RV...

Lancaster, PA Custom Golf Carts for Pit, RV Park or around your property. Start with a completely refurbished late model Yamaha or EZGO golf cart and add as many or few options as you want.

Custom golf carts Lancaster, PA

   Full Custom Golf Carts

Your full custom golf cart will make you the talk of the RV park or racing pit area. Full custom carts with a new factory body in your choice of colors, 10" or 12" wheels and low profile tires, head and tail lights, new clear or tinted windshield, new upholstery and stainless trim start as low as $3,999. Contact us for a free estimate for the exact equipment you want.

Custom golf carts Lancaster Pennsylvania

  Golf Cart Parts and Accessories

Golf Cart Wheels and Tires

An assortment of wheels and tires are available including 10" and 12" diameter wheel with low profile tires. Wheels are available in steel, brushed aluminum, polished aluminum, chrome plated or black.

Custom golf cart chrome wheels and low profile tires

New Golf Cart Bodies

Golf cart bodies are available in an assortment of colors direct from the manufacturer. The color is right in the body material preventing scratches from going though to a different color under coating primer.

Golf Cart Head lights and Tail lights

Driving your cart at night? You'll want head and tail lights. You can add turn signals and break lights if you want your cart to be street legal.

Custom golf cart headlights

Custom golf cart tail lights


Golf cart Stainless Steel Rocker Panels

Stainless steel rocker panels are a beautiful touch that gives a golf cart that luxury look. Ideal for carts with chrome plated wheels. Aluminum diamond plate rocker panels are also available.

Custom golf cart stainless steel rocker covers

Custom golf cart stainless steel kick plates

Stainless Steel Kick Plates

Prevent scuffing the golf cart body in the rear foot well and add a touch of class to your cart. Aluminum diamond plate kick plates are also available.

Stainless Steel Steering Column Covers

Stainless steel steering column covers add a touch of class.

Custom golf cart stainless steel steering column cover

Custom Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Grant custom golf cart steering wheels are available in three and 4 spoke models in both silver or black.

Custom golf cart steering wheels

Custom Upholstery

Golf carts seats are available in solid colors and with stripes. Even add piping for that full custom luxury look. Need to cary 4 passengers? Add a rear seat with matching upholstery.

Golf carts in Central PA to York County, Lancaster County, Harrisburg, Cumberland County, Lebanon County, Reading, PA and surrounding areas.

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