Track Weather

Drag racing is an outdoor sport best enjoyed on warm sunny days. Here in NHRA's Northeast Division racing begins around Easter and runs through November. The weather varies to great extremes in those months and diehard racers compete no matter the weather. The ony exception is precipiitation. Water is the nemesis of traction and safety and rain or snow stops the racing cold.

Now we all know that weatherman is wrong 90% of the time and I can testify personaly that just because it's raining at one end of the track doesn't mean it's not high and dry at the other end.

If you're concerned about the track weather you can call the tracks, find numbers here: were we race.

Use these links for weather in the areas of the local tracks we frequent:

Maplegrove Raceway Mohnton, PA weather, 10 day forecast

Cecil County Dragway Rising Sun, Maryland weather, 10 day forecast

Where We Race
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